Personal Trainers

We pride in our highly qualified personal trainers with a diverse range of specialties. Personal trainers are on site to assist you with advice and tips and can be booked to cater for your personalized fitness program.



Evolve Fitness rewards people for workouts, members can log there points on the vitality machine.


 Group Fitness (to be determined by survey)

We offer the latest in group training with instructors who will motivate you and keep you excited and active for the duration of your class. Add a class to your normal training schedule and see the difference!

The studio can also be booked for team building session for corporate gatherings.

1. Dance It Off
Come and join us for this new invigorating dance class, it has never been so much fun to chisel your entire body from head to toe. By Example Zumba, Piloxing and an all round cardio workout.
2. Pilates 
Strengthen your body with this special class which originates from pilates, but with a little difference.
3. Spinning
Spin to the beat with some guidance and improve your cardiovascular endurance as well as leg strength and stamina.
4. Body Tone/Shape
Body tone is an all over body workout. Each class is based on improving your shape, tone and all round fitness.
5. Boxing & Step
One of the most fun and beneficial ways to stay in shape is aerobic boxing. It is a non contact class.